WaveTrain Intermedia helps breweries with their marketing.


Why? Because it’s fun. Breweries are by nature fun. And we, by nature, like to have fun. Going to work every day shouldn’t be a chore and combining our favorite past-time (beer) with work ensures this is the case. We think all breweries – regardless of size or resources – have the potential to be great, but some need help making it happen. We do this because we love hearing about your brewery and why you do what you do. Let us take the design, merch and marketing work off your plate so you can continue to make good beer.


We love beer. Trying it, talking about it, writing about it. The people, the stories. We get as excited as the next person to get our hands on beer stuff – cool bottle openers, swag, etc. We’re passionate about making breweries stand out. We know how busy you are and can work within it.


If you’re a small to mid-size brewery looking for some assistance on these fronts – design, marketing and merch – send us an email!