BrewDog Cocoa Psycho

Cocoa PsychoI’m a BrewDog fan. Their beer is excellent, their attitude makes me laugh and they’re opening up shop in Ohio. I’m not from the Buckeye State but I am from the United States so me likey. Of course, I now live in Switzerland which means I get to drink their beer all the time anyway. Its all very circular and strange. I particularly like the fact that they make a kick ass West Coast style IPA. Years of ruining my beer palate in the States via Hop Madness means that what most of Europe considers India Pale Ale – I would call liquid bread with a dash of bitters. BrewDog to the rescue.

Cocoa Psycho of course is on the other end of the spectrum. A motor oil thick, dark as night, velvety bottle of delicious imperial stout. I believe you could eat the head of this pour with a fork and knife. Its like drinking a blunt stuffed with 85% dark chocolate. Smoky, cocoa-y…lovely. This 12 ounces of beer is a tiny behemoth of 10% head-swimming-happiness. It pulls a solid overall rating of 99 on RateBeer for good reason.

But I have to say, the label art isn’t floating my proverbial boat. They’ve got the embossed neck which I find abnormally awesome on all beers. I mean, how do they DO that?! The purply background color seems fitting to me – sort of a dreamworld style of darkness. But I’m not clear on the cross hatch pattern thing that they use on all their bottles. I love how it’s raised off the paper, all touchy feely fun. But I find the crossed up lines sort of busy and odd. Doesn’t mean I won’t drink Cocoa Psycho every time I see it. I’d just like to see a design that does it better justice. Cheers!