The Problem With Craft Beer On Instagram

There is a problem with craft beer on Instagram. I LOVE good beer and (mostly) love Instagram but I strongly dislike taking photos that are “good enough” to post. If you read any of the “10 Ways To Crush Instagram” type articles, they’ll mostly tell you to focus on quality over quantity and even give you tips on how to take professional looking shots. Which I really like the sound of but not so much the actual doing of.



And there’s good reason for this whining. My camera phone is decent and super easy to use – since I can post directly to Instagram – but doesn’t give me that neato blurred background feature that I so desperately crave. My fancy camera-that-requires-its-own-bag takes tremendous pics but is an equally tremendous pain in the ass to use. I’ve got to:

  • Open it all up
  • Be very careful not to breathe on the lens
  • Choose a setting from the Spinning Dial of Icons that mean nothing to me
  • Fart around with the settings within the Settings Wheel of Death
  • Take 100 pictures so that I hopefully get a good one
  • All while attempting to get the pour just so, the head looking frothy, the light right, the background not too busy, hip checking my children to prevent the beer from getting knocked over…
  • Upload the pics to my computer
  • Sort, edit, adjust, enhance…enhance…enhance


And that’s all before I even post anything.


Once it’s all said and done, I throw my masterpiece into the staggering vortex that is Craft Beer Pictures On Instagram only to SMH at how pathetic it looks lined up next to basically every other beer photo out there. And if you follow craft beer feeds on the IG, you know there are at least 237,000 pics uploaded every 2 seconds. I would say my photos are ok, reasonably crisp and clearly pictures of bottled liquid. But when you stack them up against photographs of beer that would make Ansel Adams weep with joy, they just pale in comparison, maybe even wilt.


So that epiphany comes down to a realization that my pictures stink because I don’t enjoy the process of taking the pictures. I mean, they’d probably stink even if I did enjoy it but I don’t so they’re never gonna be at the level. The universe delivers you know. My brother, whose birth name is @Craft_Beard helped me get here. You see, he enjoys photography – the whole process I complained about above – and it really comes through in his shots. Whether its beer or surfing and adventure, just check out his feed, the images are amazing. His passion for the process shows.


Now, I’m not giving up on beer – OBVIOUSLY. I love it way too much for such an ultimatum. And I’m not giving up on Instagram. Mostly so I can read Louie Baton’s hilarious captions and fall off my chair people-watching on Subway Creatures. But I am accepting the fact that taking pictures of my beer is not something that brings me joy and will be adjusting the process accordingly. Lame Beer Pun has trademarked the phrase “Ruining quality photography since 2015”. I don’t know what I like better, the TM symbol on the profile or the erroneous claim of subpar photographerie. I quite like the colorful, filter-bonanza style and will endeavor to emulate this feed, which is to say I’ll be taking beer pics and posting them but without hope they’ll be featured on the cover of TIME.  Cheers to that!