Craft Brewers Conference Philadelphia 2016

Craft Brewer's Conference 2016The Craft Brewers Conference is coming up fast, May 4-6 in Philadelphia this year and we are STOKED. Why? Because if God invented trade shows, this would be it. It’s a gathering of over 10,000 people that love beer. Beer makers, beer sellers, beer vendors and beer shakers. There’s a little bit of everything but here’s why we’re going.


We attended last year in Portland, for the first time, with a booth to hawk our wares. One can only hope that the practice of beer sampling beginning at 11 AM will be repeated this year. Because besides the opportunity to drink good beer, there’s this reality.


If you’ve ever hosted a booth at a trade show, you know how tough it can be to engage with folks walking around that are likely looking for what you’re selling. There are 3 scenarios:

The people in the booth, who should be engaging passerby’s, are picking their nose and playing Candy Land on their phones.


The passerby’s run away from said booth folk as though they’re radiating bubonic plague.


You and your crew of Boothers physically push and shove attendees to your table to give them your spiel. And these attendees actually engage.


Obviously Scenario 3 is the best, and really the only workable outcome. We’ve exhibited at trade shows for other industries and believe me, it can be brutal as you gesticulate at people who nervously glance towards you and scurry away. But the Craft Brewer’s Conference combines plenty of tasty beer, which naturally relaxes an already relaxed crowd. As the day wears on and the beer samples pile up, not only is it easier to sell your stuff, it’s fun!


Now, that’s not the ONLY reason we’re renting a booth and paying outrageous sums to borrow a plug and a single folding chair chair. We also get to go to Philly! This is neato because:


  • They invented the dirty sandwich with cheesesteaks. DROOL.
  • Craft Beard and myself could squeeze in a surf at the Jersey Shore. Yeah right.
  • Ludicrous amounts of beer.
  • Reliving kindergarten field trips to the Liberty Bell!
  • A chance to be Pretend Rocky and run the stairs.
  • Brewery tours.
  • Meeting lots of new people via the Forced Introduction method described above.
  • And more beer


Are you going to the show? If not, you really should. It’s good clean fun. And of course if you do attend, come visit us at Booth 3360. We promise not to push and shove too hard.