High Water Brewing Label Award

We’re thrilled to announce that the label we designed for High Water Brewing’s Aphotic Imperial Porter won the Grand Award for Innovation at the Visual Media Alliance (VMA) Showcase Awards thanks to the high quality printing from Scott and crew over at Best Label! The VMA Showcase Awards is a visual media competition covering Northern California and Northern Nevada.

The plan out of the gate for designing Aphotic was to incorporate the new metallic foil technology in use at Best Label. We designed it so the beer name and the entire fish, on the front of the label, would shimmer in a rainbow of colors over a matte background. Specifically, we wanted the fish scales to feel like they were alive. It’s hard to show this in photographs but depending on the angle of the bottle relative to the light source, you can see a great spectrum of metallic shine.

The labels are printed Flexographic using new LED technologies and custom expanded color gamut process. The substrate is Silver Metalized Film (BOPP). Best Label applies an opaque white ink first in areas that need to be a solid color with no metallic elements – like the background. They then print additional process colors over this opaque white and remaining silver areas. This print process allows these highlighted silver areas to have multiple colors that give off an individual metallic/foil appearance.

The 20th Annual Visual Media Alliance Showcase Awards is recognized as a prestigious symbol of printing and design excellence and celebrates the best in the Northern California and Northern Nevada visual communications, printing and design industries. Grand awards are presented to those entries deemed by the judges to be worthy of special note.