High Water Brewing: Campfire Stout Rebrand

High Water Brewing: Campfire Stout Rebrand

We were thrilled to work with our friends at Moostache Films on the rebrand of a favorite beer, Campfire Stout from High Water Brewing.


With the focus of the beer being the s’mores flavor – graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow – we set about updating the previous design to reflect these unique characteristics while retaining what makes the High Water brand recognizable.


The waterfall background was a critical piece to ensuring current customers would be sure that the beer they know and love was the same. So we faded that back a bit and added in the most obvious new elements – the bear roasting marshmallows.


Jerry the Bear – a nod to owner Steve Altimari’s love of the Grateful Dead – can be seen relaxing at a campfire preparing his s’mores. We maintained the orange/brown/yellow color scheme from the original while bringing in more blue to echo the main color of their logo. Around the border of this part of the design we added simple outlines of graham crackers, a chocolate bar and marshmallow to tie back the s’mores flavors in the beer.


The logo itself was updated to give it the feeling of a waterfall flowing from top to bottom. We also incorporated tiny beer bottles in the swirls at the bottom right and left side which are intended to be splashes from the waterfall hitting the pool.


On the right hand side of the label we made some important updates to the previous design


  • GABF Gold Medal details
  • Social media platforms to find High Water on
  • A Northern California custom bar code treatment


We included some of our initial design concepts and iterations here, to show how we arrived at the final design which will be used to drive the branding going forward.

  • Campfire Stout Previous Label
  • Campfire Stout New Label
  • Campfire Stout Previous Bottle
  • Campfire Stout New Bottle
  • Campfire Stout Concept 1
  • Campfire Stout Concept 2
  • Campfire Stout Concept 4
  • Campfire Stout Concept 5
  • High Water Brewing New Logo
  • Barcode Concept
  • Campfire Stout Fire Concept Zoom

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