High Water Brewing: Tranquil Eyes

High Water Brewing: Tranquil Eyes

With the rebrand of Campfire Stout finished, we applied the new style to a brand new beer, Tranquil Eyes.


For this scotch ale, the plan was to focus on a purple/green/blue color scheme and a pair of “floating” eyes with a tranquil, mellow intelligence.


Building on the Campfire Stout look and feel, we modified the color scheme and revised the details about the beer on the right hand side of the label.


The fun part was coming up with eyes looking out from the label that managed to be literally eye catching without being creepy or weird. You can see in the various iterations that subtle changes to the eye shape, pupil size, reflection highlights, iris color, etc. had dramatic effects on the overall feel of the beer.


The four squares surrounding the design are intended to be tartan patterns in a nod this being a scotch ale.


We also included some design inspiration from napkins to internet searches so you can see the process used to arrive at the final design.


  • Tranquil Eyes Label
  • Tranquil Eyes Bottle
  • Tranquil Eyes Concept 1
  • Tranquil Eyes Concept 2
  • Tranquil Eyes Concept 3
  • Tranquil Eyes Concept 4
  • Tranquil Eyes Concept 5
  • Tranquil Eyes Napkin Sketch
  • Tranquil Eyes Inspiration

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