Trade Shows and Conferences

Create a constant loop of contact with potential customers through an integrated process.



Trade shows and conferences are an excellent fit for an integrated marketing campaign. If you factor in the cost of a booth, travel, the materials you’ll have on hand and perhaps a larger ticket item to raffle off, the costs can rack up quickly.

Hosting a booth at one of these events is something that many companies recognize as an important part of doing business, especially considering the potential for lead generation. But have you ever calculated how many sales you’ll need just to break even on the outlay of cash? And if you have, how often is that happening within your organization?

If this is something you’ve pondered, consider a cross media solution. Instead of hoping you’ll be noticed as prospects walk by, you can create a constant loop of contact with these potential customers through an integrated process.

How does it work?

Sending out postcards prior to the show? Target and personalize them with a personal URL and include a compelling reason for your audience to visit your booth and include a QR code to capture smart phone addicts.

And let’s not forget email. Just like snail mail, outbound email with one-way communication leaves little likelihood of a response. Your prospects need a clear reason why they should spend time with you.

Now, when you’re at the show, do you have an easy way for all those walking opportunities to respond? Slap a QR code on your banner that gives people a quick way to respond without having to actually stop and talk to you!

Is there a directory being given out to attendees? How about breakout sessions that you might be hosting? Have you considered throwing a small cocktail reception? All these avenues and more can be bolstered via cross media.

The sales deals are out there — you’ve just got to make them happen, not hope they happen.

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