Sierra Nevada Stout

Sierra StoutSierra Nevada is one of those breweries that just casually kicks ass day in and day out – for going on FORTY YEARS! That is a long ass time in the relatively recent explosion of craft beer hipness happening right now. That’s also an alliteration unplanned until now. I wrote about New Shiny Beer Syndrome regarding Stone Brewing last week but I’d postulate that Sierra makes Stone look like the new kid on the block. Sierra, in my opinion, is the Godfather of American craft brewing.

That being said, I also suffer from this mental state when I see their beers on the shelf. Of course, here in Europe their options are far more limited that what’s available back home. But I still have a problem with skipping past them in my never ending story of beer searches.

However, their year round Stout was sitting there the other day just as the leaves are starting to change color and Fall sets in. So I picked up a few. Have you had this beer recently? It’s superb. “Say it again Lucas”. “SUPERB”. This should be an autumn fridge staple. I am a total sucker for pumpkin pie beer Frankensteinery in the colder months. But when the cinnamon and nutmeg threatens to transform your brain into an orange blob of Thanksgiving dessert, this beer is your savior. It has a nice roasty coffee feel with enough body to warm the soul. And coming in at only 5.8% ABV, it doesn’t overcook that soul on a regular Tuesday night. I’m already looking forward to the next one.