Stone Ruination

Stone RuinationPerhaps its living in a part of the world that has not yet mastered the art of the West Coast IPA. Perhaps I suffer from New Shiny Beer Syndrome which causes me to pass over seemingly “old” craft brews for the latest and hype-iest beer on the shelf. In either case, Stone Ruination is not one to miss.

I certainly miss the cornucopia of bitter IPAs readily available from coast to coast in the US. So knowing that Ruination is now constantly available here in Switzerland thanks to Stone’s operation in Berlin makes it easier to be away. I mean, I’ve always loved beer but somehow being across the pond makes it that much tastier when I get my hands on it.


The smoothness of this double IPA is astounding. I can drink it all day. Well, maybe 2 because ABV. Here’s to hoping Stone continues to expand what they brew on this side of the Atlantic. Cheers!