Wychwood Brewing | Imperial Red

Imperial Red from Wychwood Brewing out of the UK was, perhaps unknowingly, made for Game of Thrones. Brewery Ommegang has the official GOT beers but Wychwood was arguably there first. Just get a load of His Imperious Self on the label and tell me he wasn’t at the Red Wedding. The rest of Wychwood’s lineup even manages to fall in line with some of the supernatural shenanigans going on in the Seven Kingdoms – goblins, wyches, and the wickerman (ok, maybe that’s Nicolas Cage but you get the idea).


Now, this red ale may not quench the thirst of a manly man such as Jon Snow. It’s on the light side, at 4.7% ABV, and easy drinking. But it would be a good starter to wet thy whistle before the meat course. It pours with a chewy tan colored head and a deep amber, ruby-ish color. Sticking my nose in the glass, I wafted thick blobs of toffee and maybe some freshly baked bread? It tastes like eating a biscuit with a schmear of marmalade. Though biscuits in America are cookies in the UK so for Jon Snow, maybe it’d be closer to a scone? Or a crumpet perhaps? In any event, he’d like it quite a bit. The caramel and toffee notes are dominant but it’s not overly sweet.


I’d heard of Wychwood before moving across the pond so have been thrilled to start drinking their wares here in Switzerland. And if I recall, Brits drink their beer at room temperature or something crazy like that. So to follow the hashtag of #WhenInRome, I did not drink it ice cold like we do in the States and although it was odd at first, I still rather enjoyed it. It is beer after all.